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To keep you updated during COVID, we have developed a list of resources and updates to programs and services that we provide. At PADSA we want to take a moment and recognize the outstanding family caregivers we support each day. Many caregivers face challenges of competing responsibilities, and the choices they make related to work, family, and social lives are undeniably difficult. PADSA is honored to work with so many families to offer respite and step in as part of their network of support to ensure their loved ones are safe, engaged, and loved during the day. PASDA Board members are providers who work for large organizations and small businesses, just like you. We all feel the effects of this mandatory closure on our businesses, and we all feel the heartbreak knowing our participants may not be getting the support and services they need and want.

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Our faith-based treatment program began in as a way to help those young people and adults who struggle with addiction get the help they need. We offer programs from detox through outpatient treatment programs. We have locations around Pennsylvania, so you can get help wherever you need it. Learn about the programs that follow to help you make a full recovery. Medical detoxification is the process of eliminating alcohol and drugs from the body, and it is often the first step in the recovery process. In medical detox, we provide a safe, comfortable recovery space as we ease the symptoms of withdrawal and prepare you for long-term recovery.

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Involuntary mental health treatment is a highly controversial issue among practitioners, advocates and those who have sought and received treatment. Some argue that involuntary treatment is the only way to guarantee that certain people get the help they need. In April, Pennsylvania changed the standards required for someone to receive assisted outpatient treatment [AOT] — a technical term for a kind of involuntary treatment, such as mandated therapy or day programs while living in the community. Pennsylvania is one of the last states to change its standard in this manner and, so far, every county has opted out of implementing it, citing issues like costs and concerns about how the new AOT law would work in practice.
Christopher Betts, M. Devereux Pennsylvania Adult Services formerly known as the "Whitlock Center" serves nearly adults living in homes and apartments throughout southeast Pennsylvania, as well as in our Berwyn community — the site of Helena Devereux's first schools. Our dedicated team of staff, ranging from highly-specialized clinicians and nurses, to recreational and direct staff professionals, all work with one common goal: the happiness, self-fulfillment and social integration of each adult in our community. We view ourselves as an extended family that cares for and helps each other.