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The program aired on [adult swim] , originally from to , but returned in July of with a third season. The series follows the adventures of an inebriated mouse and his friend, Skillet the screeching chinchilla, as they uncover mysteries and secrets about their world , and further investigate to escape it somehow, with the help of other townsfolk. Although the series ended its original run on December 17th or , a webisode titled " Enter the Sandmouse " was released on "[adult swim] video" on May 16, Then, after 11 years of being off the air, the series aired a special on October 14th, known as " Invictus. Though, these speculations were left unproven, until the summer of , where it was announced that 12 Oz.

12 oz. Mouse

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Mouse Fitzgerald starts dating a wonderful new girl, and paints her portrait for free. Fitz gets his heart broken when the girl dumps him as soon as the painting is done. The Eye appears to be having a nervous breakdown, and slaps the Cop. Liquor takes him to a Women's Awareness meeting, but the Eye refuses to participate, and calls the women "cackling hens. The Eye tells him, and a vicious argument ensues.

12 oz. Mouse

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