African girl sex behavior

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This study examines transitions in schooling, sexual activity, and pregnancy for adolescents and young adults in urban South Africa. South African youth have high school enrollment rates through their teenage years, combined with relatively early sexual initiation, with most young people becoming sexually active while they are enrolled in school. Teen pregnancy rates are also relatively high, with almost all teen pregnancies being non-marital. We find that teen pregnancy is not entirely inconsistent with continued schooling, especially for African black women. We estimate probit regressions to identify the impact of individual and household characteristics on sexual debut, pregnancy, and school dropout between and

Sexual behaviour of women in rural South Africa: a descriptive study

African American Adolescent Girls' Initiation of Sexual Activity: Survival Analysis

Age-disparate partnerships are hypothesized to increase HIV-risk for young women. However, the evidence base remains mixed. Most studies have focused only on unprotected sex among women in the partnership. Consequently, little is known about other risky behaviours, such as transactional sex, alcohol use, and concurrency, as well as the behaviours of the men who partner with young women. We therefore examined differences in various sexual behaviours of both young women and their male partners by partnership age difference. Young women in age-disparate partnerships were more likely to report unprotected sex than young women in similar-aged partnerships aOR

Sexual Behavior, Pregnancy, and Schooling among Young People in Urban South Africa

Metrics details. Knowledge of sexual behaviour in these areas is limited, but constitutes essential information for a combination prevention approach of behavioural change and biomedical interventions. Women of reproductive age 18—49 years who reported sexual activity were included regardless of the reason for visiting the facility. Questionnaires were administered to women. We report sexual behaviour by age group, ethnic group and self-reported HIV status.
Pamela J. Bachanas, PhD, Mary K. Morris, PhD, Jennifer K. Ries, MA, Mary K. Objective: To describe empirically the risky sexual behavior of an at-risk sample of adolescent girls, to assess psychosocial correlates of risky behavior, and to examine the utility of applying a risk and protective model to predicting teens' risky sexual behavior.