Anal beads for men

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Anal beads seem like a fun sex toy, but educating yourself on them is important. Here you can find the answers to all of your questions. This sex toy is for everyone. This toy will spice up any erotic game you want to play. Dive deep into the world of anal beads and begin your exploration.

Anal Beads

How to Use Anal Beads | Shape

Anal beads seem—how should I say this? They look kind of like rosary beads, except chunkier, and instead of praying with them, you put them in your butt. Despite their intimidating design, anal beads are a great way to get prostate or anal stimulation , and they feel a lot different than butt plugs and prostate massagers. Plus, you can use 'em for a fun interactive experience with a partner more on that later. When I first tried anal beads a few years back, I was shocked by the sensation. Personally, I find it arousing—both physically and psychologically—to have someone pull the anal beads out of me. Typically, they're a series of graduated, conjoined spherical beads with a flared loop or handle at the end, so they don't get lost up there.

What Are Anal Beads and How Do You Use Them?

Anal beads can be so much fun to use. Whether you're interested in anal play and want to start small, or wondering how to prepare for anal sex for the first time, anal beads can be a great way to experiment. Most start off with a tiny anal bead, and they get bigger with the more length you take in.
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