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LGBTQ people have long been buried under tropes and unsubtle stereotypes in film and television. Just like most woman-loving-woman relationships, the film is quite the saga of ups, downs, heartbreak, and tortured passion. Many grew up watching and loving classic '80s high school rom-coms such as Pretty in Pink , Sixteen Candles , and Say Anything. Based on the novel Simon vs.

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The 16 Best Bisexual Movies You Can Stream Right Now

This is because sexual fluidity is equated to moral fluidity, notes The Washington Post. This sucks for bi people. Bisexual people, too, can have a happy ending and find the love of their lives. Sure, not all of these films have a happy ending— Call Me By Your Name , in particular, left me left in tears.

The 25 Best LGBTQ Movies to Watch

Subscriber Account active since. Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook! Get it now on Libro. Many celebrities have been outspoken about being attracted to more than one gender — keep scrolling to see which ones identify as bisexual.
Film fans have long discussed the representation of sexuality and gender on screen. However a meme focusing on how light is increasingly used to portray bisexuals has gained traction on social media. Many LGBT people have been sharing examples of TV programmes, films and music videos to highlight the development of so-called "bisexual lighting" - characterised by the simultaneous use of neon pink and blue light on screen. The under-representation of bisexuality on screen has been debated for a number of years, and some have seized on bisexual lighting as an empowering visual device. But is it really a tool to represent bisexuality, or are people reading too much into neon-tinged stylisation?