Bisexual poetry

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By Jennie Roberson. Hello Unicorns! I thought today I would gather some of my favorite poems from my favorite bi poets. Before I get too far ahead of myself, I should note I will be linking to the actual poems, rather than putting them in the article. Please note some many of these poems are of a sexual nature, so heads up that some of these forays are not for the faint of heart.

6 Bi Poets You Should Be Reading

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Bisexual literature is a subgenre of LGBT Literature that includes literary works and authors that address the topic of bisexuality or biromanticism. Fiction that falls into this category may be of any genre, such as historical fiction , science fiction , fantasy , horror , and romance. Bisexual literature includes works that feature bisexuality as the main plot point, as well as works with major bisexual characters. Though bisexuality has appeared in literary works as early as , in John Cleland 's Fanny Hill , the mids marked a rise in publications about bisexuality, often at the influence of the new appearance of bisexual organizations. Much of this work was a response to bisexuality's absence from the historical record and from the contemporary moment. A result of this is the attempts of contemporary accounts to legitimize bisexuality as a sexual identity. Much of bisexual literature focuses on "highlighting bisexuality's presence in history, the specificity of bisexual experiences, and its existence as a viable form of sexual identification".

Bisexual literature

He Sees, I love Her. Alone in a crowded room. Were alone in a crowded room Lights going wild Her jumping up and down But I see her in slow motion Her hands in her long colored hair Her dress flowing in the motion of it all Her eyes lured me in I couldn't look away She grabs my waist and puts her lips to my ear Her whispers make my knees weak She takes my hand as we head upstairs to a vacant room Throwing me onto the bed And her on me in the matter of seconds Her warm touch makes me shiver Her beauty is breathtaking Her body on mines makes me paralyzed Then she asks me "Do you want me" Yes I say Then passionately kissing her soft lips as we forget about the crowded room below us I just cant believe i met you in a crowded room. Bi Bye Beautiful.
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