Cbr1000rr naked

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If there was ever any inkling about Honda not making the best looking motorcycles, here is your opportunity for redemption. Honda has also launched entry-level naked bikes CBR and CBR using the same design elements to take down the competition at the root level. Making the best looking motorcycle was not a trait of Honda. But that cannot be said anymore once you lay your eyes on this CBR. Honda says that they have left nothing to chances and have carefully selected every inch of the bike with its aesthetic effect in mind that synergizes with the craze of the modern-retro vibe the industry is seeing over the last decade. It is shorter geared and long stroked to achieve insane acceleration figures making it ride harder than the Blade.

A Honda CB1000RR-R Streetfighter Needs to Happen

Naked Honda Fireblade on the way | MCN

The Honda CBRRR-R Fireblade is one of the most anticipated motorcycles for the model year, and once Big Red finishes up its con-rod recall on this brand new superbike , eager speed-fiends will be able to test their mettle on the race track. But what about those who prefer to stay on the streets? But, for the first time in its superbike-making history, Honda has focused on making a race bike first , and a street bike second. Riding the Honda CBRRR-R Fireblade as a dedicated street bike is certainly possible — it has all the lights, mirrors, and plate holders for such a job — but there has to be a better bike for the task. We should make it clear, there have been zero indications from Honda that a streetfighter version of the Fireblade is in the pipe. Looking at the landscape though , we can see that there is hot competition for high-end streetfighters in the marketplace, and what would be hotter than a CBRRR-R stripped down from its fairings? Second, the state-of-the-art superbike platform is the perfect launching point for a modern sport-focused streetfighter.

Honda undresses the Fireblade and creates new model family

For Honda, designing a naked Fireblade entails a lot more than simply stripping it naked, as clearly demonstrated in its two previous attempts, the CBF Hornet and the CBR. In fact, the CBR shares very few parts with the CBRRR, and even the four-cylinder engine has undergone an extensive makeover in order to adapt to its new role. Honda says it has retained the cc motor's architecture and layout, but beyond that a lot has transpired in order to properly detune it from hp kW down to The engine's electronics is an obvious first, but then there are also different valves in size and lift , reshaped combustion chambers, plus new throttle bodies, airbox, ducts, air filter and a brand new exhaust system.
The current CBR is nearly 10 years old, which is almost geriatric in the fast-moving world of super-nakeds. The current CBR uses the guts of a Blade, which puts out bhp. We also think the styling is due a huge update, with the Hornet-based looks of the current bike looking a little tired. Read the latest stories causing a buzz this week in News….