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At the age of seven, Charlize Theron saw Body Heat on television. Needless to say, it was a memorable experience. Screen Tests. Awkwafina Reminisces on the 90s Episode

Charlize Theron details sexual harassment by 'famous director'

Charlize Theron Says Long Shot Sex Is Short Because She Was 'Tired' |

Sex scenes rarely mimic what sex is like in the real world. Softly lit bedrooms, the handiwork of a complete hair and makeup team and — how can we put this delicately — climaxes swiftly and easily reached. Sex on the silver screen is often about as far from real sex as carob is to chocolate. The scene, which features the very common cinematic occurrence of both characters orgasming very quickly — within about 90 seconds — is dime a dozen in romantic comedies. For Theron, it was important to reflect a sexual experience that, though rare, can occur a small portion of the population. We wanted to represent that. This happens very rarely but it is very hard to achieve.

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Charlize Theron was the reason why a sex scene in Long Shot ends so quickly. The Oscar winner stars in the new romantic comedy Long Shot opposite Seth Rogen, where the two have a few sex scenes. But the one that has people talking is the very first time the characters end up in bed together — due to its extreme brevity. I went for comfort. Theron, who is starring in her first straight-forward romantic comedy, recently opened up about struggling with the message most of them give audiences during an interview with the Press Association via the Irish Examiner.
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