Does mia khalifa have aids

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As the girl was shooting with 2 other people, the industry remains in a fear of an outbreak. Its not about that we are loosing our actors, its about all the humans. This infection is scary and for us, all human lives anywhere on this planet matter. The No Chill is a fake news web site that does not publish factual stories.

Mia Khalifa Tweets ‘I’m HIV Positive’; Lebanese Porn Star’s Tweet Creates Huge Buzz

Was Mia Khalifa Diagnosed with HIV?

In Apr. The health update released about the Lebanese American pornographic actress was truly serious, as it said that she is HIV positive. According to Daily Star , the story surrounding the former porn star, Mia Khalifa gained attention when the industry based in the United States had to keep mum about an issue. This mainly took place after an unidentified porn star really did test positive for HIV. I am HIV positive.

Mia Khalifa Has Perfect Response To HIV Rumors On Twitter

Despite any actual evidence or reason, Twitter users have been spreading a nasty rumor that Mia Khalifa may have contracted HIV. The news literally appeared out of no where, but people ran with it and even boldly mentioned Khalifa in their tweets. Some thought enough to ask if it were true or not. While other users just seemingly made jokes about it or laughed it off. Some on the other hand found that the claims were baseless and demanding to know why there was no proof.
Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-born ex-pornographic actress, sports commentator and social media personality who shot to global fame in October Like many people in the public eye, she became the subject of rumors and speculation. She also caused a significant amount of controversy in her home country as a result of the video that made her famous. One of the more enduring rumors was that she had contracted HIV, despite only working in the industry for around three months. Read on to find out the truth, and plenty more besides!