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Michelle Smith does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. While the album did contain a song with a racial slur in the title, what was most immediately confronting was that the pose Smith adopted on the cover unselfconsciously displayed a thatch of underarm hair. Some 36 years later and a selfie posted by Madonna on Instagram, in which she adopts a similar pose to reveal a more stage-managed growth of hair, has prompted a profusion of media articles and tens of thousands of comments, many of which express repulsion. Madonna used the hashtags artforfreedom, rebelheart and revolutionoflove, which indicate that she was presenting the photo, in which she wears a significant amount of make-up and a bra, as subversive. And is the response solely about beauty expectations relating to body hair?

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Aug 9, Washington - Body hair on women may generate disgust and be seen as unfeminine, but men and women alike perceive hairy women as being more intelligent, confident and with better physical health. Researchers found that women who defied society's pressure to conform, paid a heavy price. They were seen as less friendly, immoral and more uptight than those without body hair. Previously a taboo subject, the "body hair" debate of whether or not to shave was triggered last year by Julia Roberts. The best-paid actress in Hollywood shocked the nation at the premiere of Notting Hill when she revealed that she did not shave under her arms.

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Nikki Silver was fed up with looking at the improbably hairless vulvas she saw in porn. So, in , she decided to create her own porn site featuring other beautiful hairy women and genderqueer people. Now, she's released a photo book called Unshaven.
For as long as I can remember, my body hair has horrified me. I still remember the pang of joy I felt at having smooth, soft legs for the first time and vowed never to let them get hairy again. As the years went on, I began shaving my arms and armpits, bleached my facial hair and endured the pain of bikini waxes every month. I started over-plucking my eyebrows.