Having sex on the street

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I mean surely! A friends house? Go to a hotel or a motel or even to a secluded park? I mean how desperate would you have to be to have sex just off the road, on concrete of all things… near a church….

Sex in the street pair are spared prison

Sex On The Street: Shocking Image Shows Two Couples Having Sex Outside Belfast Nightclub | instarocketprox.com

Couple caught having sex on the street in New Zealand and cheered on by onlookers. John Kerry says US must find 'much faster path' on climate change. Storm Christoph sends brown water rushing through homes in South Wales. Priti Patel warns 'we're not out of the woods yet' at latest briefing. Pelosi: 'The Trump administration had no real plan for the vaccine'.

Couple caught having sex on the street and cheered on by onlookers

Search Search. Menu Sections. N atasha Rice 34 and Adrian Butler 51 were caught on camera by passengers in passing cars while in the middle of an explicit act in broad daylight.
Footage has emerged online showing a couple brazenly having sex in the middle of a busy street. The footage was apparently captured by a passenger of a car from across the road, using their mobile phone. At one point an elderly couple walk right past the two people, yet shockingly no-one involved in the bizarre scenario looks embarrassed or tries to stop them. It is believed that the film was taken somewhere in China and then uploaded to video sharing site LiveLeak.