How to double penetrate

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23 Double Penetration Tips and Tricks: Solo, Partner, Multipartnered

You've passed the basics, now it's time to move on to some higher education. The porn professionals make it look so easy: you just clamber on top of one guy , slipping him neatly into your vagina, then another pre-lubed guy pops up behind you, eases it in, and away you go. The first time I ever attempted it, I failed. My boyfriend lay down, I sat on him, and our friend-for-the-night snuggled up behind me and did his absolute best to squeeze in behind. The problem was that his dick was huge: the kind of rock-solid huge that gives you cartoon eyes and a feeling of awestruck wonder.

Your Everything-to-Know Guide to Double Penetration

First off, kudos to you for clicking on this article. Because despite how daunting it may look, double penetration can be pleasurable for all parties when done correctly. With that being said, double penetration requires a lot of time, preparation, communication, and toys to help guide you through the blended orgasm that can happen—which is exactly why we enlisted the help of five experts. Below, please find your guide to all things double penetration re: what exactly it is, how to do it, and what you may need in the process. Two can be so much better than one.
Double penetration can be an amazingly stimulating and arousing experience for anyone. DP is most commonly seen as someone with a vagina being penetrated in both their vagina and anus by two people with penises. However, if we strip away the binary and heteronormative expectations of this description, there are a vast number of additional ways to interpret the term double penetration. There are so many ways to be dual penetrated for many types of bodies and in many scenarios.