How to make a pornstar

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The Pornstar Martini is a contemporary classic that you will find on most good cocktail menus in bars all over the world…. How did it get so popular? The base spirit for the Pornstar Martini is Vanilla Vodka. It add a richness to the taste that totally pops the cocktail.

The Only Pornstar Martini Recipe You'll Ever Need

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Porn Star Martini

The Pornstar Martini is an enticing and intensely flavoured passion fruit cocktail made from vanilla vodka, Passoa and lime juice. Combine the ingredients, shake over plenty of ice and serve with a shot of prosecco on the side. There's a reason this easy cocktail is the UK's favourite: The intoxicatingly named Pornstar Martini is completely irresistible! I worked my way through uni at a small and secret cocktail bar in my hometown of Bristol. I'm the Queen of cocktails to my friends, who love learning how to flame orange peel and mix a mean martini.
The Porn Star cocktail can be served in a highball glass or as a different type of martini. This recipe is also popularly served as a shot. We will cover both options here, since we do cover both recipes in our bartending classes. There are a couple conflicting recipes on the web, but the traditional Porn Star requires the use of a sour raspberry liqueur and Blue Curacao. The most popular sour red raspberry in Canada is the Sour Puss brand, distributed by the Phillips Distilling Company based in Minnesota.