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What Happened to Howard Stern?

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In , after a series of increasingly high-profile radio gigs in suburban Westchester, Hartford, Detroit, and Washington, D. In , when Sirius and XM were competing to dominate the new medium of satellite radio, Sirius offered Stern a gigantic sum to be the centerpiece of its extremely wide range of programming, from the Catholic Channel to OutQ for gays. The salary hike reportedly made Stern the highest-paid performer in show business, won Sirius millions of new subscribers, and before too long, sure enough, led to the absorption of a faltering XM into the behemoth that is now Sirius XM. For years, Stern was an integral part of the lives of millions of New York-area commuters whose time in their cars he made not just bearable but fun. Yes, Stern had critics: leftist anti-defamation groups called him racist, sexist, and homophobic; cultural conservatives condemned him as a pig who interviewed strippers and porn stars and talked without surcease about flatulence and masturbation. The answer to the charge of bigotry—leaving aside the fact that his sidekick, Quivers, was a black woman—was that he always had lots of black, female, and gay fans, some of them frequent callers. People listened because Stern could make them laugh so hard that it hurt; because he could rattle on for an hour about almost any topic and somehow make it riveting; because he seemed incapable of dissembling about anything though he exaggerated for effect about a good many things ; and because every day he let loose about whatever was on his mind, or was getting on his nerves—his marriage, his bosses, New York traffic, the news—and his listeners could relate to all of it, and feel better for having heard their own frustrations expressed.

The Trump Files: Donald and Melania’s Creepy, Sex-Filled Interview With Howard Stern

The film is an adaptation of the autobiographical chapters from the best selling book of the same name by radio personality Howard Stern , developed from a script written by Len Blum and Michael Kalesniko. It follows Stern's life from boyhood and his rise to success in radio. Stern and several of his radio show staff star as themselves, including newscaster and co-host Robin Quivers , producers Fred Norris and Gary Dell'Abate , and comedian Jackie Martling. After a proposed film featuring Stern as his superhero character Fartman fell through, development for a new film began in , several months following the release of Private Parts. Stern signed with Rysher Entertainment , who agreed to fund it, and teamed with Reitman who thought a biographical take on Stern's life was best suited for a film.
The show has aired on Howard and Howard , Stern's two uncensored channels on the subscription-based satellite radio service SiriusXM , since Stern began his radio career in the mids and developed his show through morning positions at In , he began at