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The first novel was published in Japan in May , with the final novel published in July They were later adapted into a manga series and an anime film trilogy. The story is about a girl named Rune Balot who was taken in by a man named Shell who later tried to kill her and left her for dead. She is saved and turned into a cyborg. It is up to her to stop Shell and his evil gang. In North America, Viz Media licensed the novels and published all three in one volume.

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Rune Balot is a down-and-out teen prostitute in Mardock City. One day, she's picked up by an ambitious casino manager named Shell who gives her everything she could want. Renewed by a false innocence, a false past, and now the false life Shell has given her, Balot feels grateful. However, she can't help but be curious about why he's done so much for her, so she does some research about his past on a computer.

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We all know what most of the audience is here for: gunfights featuring hot anime babes in skin-tight outfits. Unfortunately, the anime executes its social commentary with as much critical thought as I Spit on Your Grave. All I get is the lingering aftertaste of phallocracy, even if well-intentioned. We follow a young former prostitute by the name of Balot. A session with a client gone wrong leaves her trapped in an exploding limousine, burnt and charred to a crisp.
In a futuristic society, a year-old prostitute named Rune Balot is rescued after being nearly killed. She is subconsciously given the choice to continue living due to an emergency ordinance to preserve life called Mardock Scramble Turned into a cyborg, Balot is then given the choice of assisting the investigations against the man who tried to terminate her. He is part of the powerful October corporation that is stealthily conducting illegal activities. Contains both the Director's Cut and Theatrical Cut.