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Or some such convoluted story. All these years after the fact, what is clear is that The Beatles were special mainly because they were dedicated to producing things nobody else could. These songs, the band's persona, the stances they took and lessons learned in front of the camera weren't just the exploits of a popular band, but live memoirs of the spiritual, artistic and disciplined Ideal. For each word written and photo taken of all manner of celebrities, they are still arguably the only group of musicians worth talking about with the same significance as any world leader or religious icon you care to name-- at least in the West.

Let It Be... Naked

Let It Be Naked Album Review |

Let It Be Naked is a album by The Beatles. The project was overseen by Paul McCartney , who felt that Phil Spector 's production did not accurately represent the group's "stripped-down" intentions for the original album. Naked presents the songs "naked" — without Spector's overdubs and without the incidental studio chatter featured between most cuts of the original album. The album is presented in a form which Paul McCartney considers closer to its original artistic vision: to "get back" to the rock and roll sound of their early years [2] rather than the orchestral overdubs and embellishments which were added by Phil Spector in the production of the final Let It Be album. McCartney in particular was always dissatisfied with the "Wall of Sound" production style of the Phil Spector remixes, especially for his song " The Long and Winding Road ", which he believed was ruined by the process. In his interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Lennon had defended Spector's work, saying, "He was given the shittiest load of badly recorded shit with a lousy feeling to it ever, and he made something of it

Let It Be...Naked

When The Beatles first set out to make Let It Be in , they intended to record an album that would be a return to live performance. No studio effects or overdubbing of voices or instruments would be allowed - just the bare necessities of the band. Let It Be… Naked is the stripped-down, return-to-live-takes album that The Beatles originally aimed to create, free of vocal and instrumental overdubs or added effects.
John Lennon : vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, bass guitar, organ, whistling Paul McCartney : vocals, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, whistling George Harrison : vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, tambura Ringo Starr : drums, percussion George Martin : Hammond organ, shaker Billy Preston : Hammond organ, electric piano. They discussed the lack of availability of the film on VHS and DVD, and spoke about the possibility of remixing the soundtrack to accompany such a release. Rouse recruited fellow in-house engineers Paul Hicks and Guy Massey, and the trio began assembling a new album from the 30 reels of tape, referring to the albums assembled by Spector and Glyn Johns for comparison.