R mika butt slap

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Last year it emerged that Capcom had toned down Street Fighter 5 for its western release , specifically removing bubbly grappler R. Mika's butt slap and a glimpse of Cammy's crotch. The move sparked a censorship debate among the fighting game community. Some welcomed the change, some were outraged.

Ono clears the air on why R.Mika’s butt slap was removed in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter 5 - instarocketprox.com butt slap removed to avoid making players uncomfortable - Ono - VG

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Street Fighter V Beta. Id like to uncensor this anti christian butt slap. Any one has the link for the mod that brings it back?

Rainbow Mika butt slap

However, in the case of R. Mika, she's going through a bit of an alteration before the game launches proper. While Capcom didn't state why the butt slap is being axed, it's safe to assume that it was decided that the butt slap was in poor taste. While most people will probably not have much of an issue with Rainbow Mika's butt slap being removed, there will likely be a vocal minority that decries Capcom's decision. Some people view a move like this as censorship or giving in to the demands of the politically correct crowd.
And in this case I just had to make a bit of a statement regarding a recent development having to do with the production of Street Fighter 5. Video Game Character Database:. Mika gets censored by the developers, Capcom. Why has everything have to be so fucking political correct now?