Re zero cat boy

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Ferris RE:Zero

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A knight that's carrying the respect of being known for his great magical healing skills. This Royal Guard uphold's a special duty to help people in-need, while serving under his princess orders and using his abilities only for her. Although he doesn't have the skill to fight, he has the power to heal people who are in pain using his own magic. Ferris is a knight serving under Crusch Karsten who is head of the Karsten Household, and a participant candidate to becoming the 42nd King of Lugnica. As a knight Ferris has no interest into fighting enemies, he isn't as skilled with using a blade unlike Crusch.

HD wallpaper: Argail Felix, Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, cat boy

Four in three of you and your kind, have tried to seduce me and rendered me blind. To stay free from temptation I know I am strong but when morals start slipping, then yes, I can be wrong, and the shit stirrers envy from days of past deceit, revenging there honour for their lies to make them sweet. On strong understandings on the paths we did meet, so betray yourself ill and poisen your beleifs, then tell me your honest and your not a theif. As you steal from yourself your soul and your heart to take part in your illusion of the life you take part, or was it just the glaze from the powder in the mid-summer haze, that brought through the dead in un-fimiliar days.
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