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Life Lessons From Richard Branson

Richard Branson Photo With Naked Model - Business Insider

Sir Richard spoke to Jack Otter of Barron's Next to share his advice on getting a job, living your passion, and how to go kitesurfing with a naked model. Sir Richard Branson stands out because he seems to be having so much fun Dominick and that that's right um I picked up these people come and means to me in a taxi with what he

Richard Branson Tells Us The Story Behind His Famous Kitesurfing Photo With A Naked Model

The paradise island of Necker provides the perfect stage for the exploits of its dare-devil, attention-seeking owner, Sir Richard Branson — who watched in horror as his stunning house there was reduced to smouldering ashes on Monday. It was here that, on his wedding day, he was lowered from a helicopter into the enormous 90ft swimming pool, clad in a top hat and tails. And it was here that the Virgin boss has entertained his A-list celebrity friends — everyone from Princess Diana to Kate Moss.
Yep, it's real It happened. A few years ago, a photo emerged of Richard Branson yes, Mr Virgin himself , kitesurfing with a naked girl on his back. Nobody knew why, nobody knew how - but everyone presumed it was just some weird fantasy the multi-gazillionaire wanted to live out.