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Red Cross Swim Basics is a two-level learn-to-swim program for adults and teens. Red Cross Swim Basics 1 offers an introduction to swimming with a focus on front swim. Red Cross Swim Basics 2 focuses on developing front and back crawl, establishing comfort in deep water, and increasing the swimming distance. Water Safety Instructors evaluate based on performance criteria see the Instructor Worksheet. Progress is tracked in the Red Cross Swim Journal. Swimmers progress to the next level or program either Red Cross Swim Strokes or Red Cross Swim Sports modules when all items in the performance criteria have been successfully completed.

Red Cross Swim for Adults & Teens

Teen Swimming Lessons

Hanging out at the pool or the beach on a hot day is a great way to beat the heat. But before you dive in, learn a little bit about water safety. Buddy up! Always swim with a partner, every time — whether you're swimming in a backyard pool or in a lake. Even experienced swimmers can become tired or get muscle cramps, which can make it hard to get out of the water. When people swim together, they can help each other or go for help in an emergency.

The Benefits of Swimming for Young Girls

Family life is all about stages. Starting with the innocence of wee little ones, then quickly progressing to the formative teen years, adults typically find solace decades later in their empty nest. Finally, families ultimately face the golden stage: grand parenthood.
Perhaps your preteen or teen has never had formal swimming lessons. Often as kids reach a certain age, they think they are too old for swimming lessons. However, the facts are too important to ignore.