The sex selfie stick

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By Leda Reynolds For Mailonline. From presidents to pop stars, from the young to the old, mobile phone self portraits or 'selfies' are familiar to everyone. However, while posing for selfies with pouting lips and fluttering eyelashes might be part of every day life for some, a new device aims to take the fashion for self portraits to the next level. The Svakom Gaga Selfie Camera Vibrator, or 'sex selfie stick' as it is known, is offering women the chance to take the ultimate picture - of their vaginas during an orgasm. Scroll down for video. Annabelle Knight, one of the Lovehoney TV presenters, takes a closer look at the sex selfie stick.

'Sex selfie stick’ gets internet buzzing

The sex selfie stick that offers a bird's eye view of an orgasm | Daily Mail Online

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The sex selfie stick lets you see inside your vagina as you orgasm. In this self ie -obsessed world it should come as no surprise that there is such a thing as a sex selfie stick. But, still… really?
The world's first camera vibrator has been launched allowing users to film a woman's orgasm The Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator has been dubbed the 'X-rated Selfie Stick' because it captures what happens inside the female body during an orgasm. It means users can make the ultimate DIY home movies where every second of the action is caught on film. Its popularity has been likened to the new craze for selfie sticks, which enable mobile phone users to take self-portraits from beyond the normal range of the arm. The vibrator has an HD camera on its tip and all recordings can be uploaded straight to a PC or smart phone via FaceTime.