Tyra banks sex addict

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In a lawsuit filed on October 8 in federal court in Atlanta, Georgia, Beverly McClendon claims the show contacted the teen on her cell phone after she responded to a request on the show's website seeking "sex addicts". The girl was then picked up from her home in Georgia in a limo and flown to New York, where she was put up in a hotel, all without her mother's knowledge, the lawsuit says. McClendon filed a missing person report with local police when she realised her daughter was gone. The teen has never been diagnosed as a sex addict, the lawsuit says. The lawsuit also names Warner Bros Entertainment and the executive producers of the show as defendants. McClendon says her daughter suffered damages because the show "was undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles".

Mother of teen "sex addict" sues "Tyra" show

Tyra Banks Is Being Sued by Mother of Sex Addict - Essence

Last October, "The Tyra Banks Show" told viewers it was seeking "sex addicts" to participate in a future program. A year-old girl named Jewel -- "The Early Show" isn't ussing her last name -- responded on the talk show's website, and was flown to New York to appear with Banks and talk about her purported problem. Jewel's mom says she knew nothing about this, never gave her permission, and even filed a missing persons report. Jewel said, "I was infatuated with Tyra Banks, watched her show every day and just wanted to try it out. Jewel said, "I mean, I was worried, too. But, at the same time, I'm like, OK, I'm out here, let's just do it and go back home.

Teen In Tyra Banks Sex Addict Suit Speaks Out

CNN -- Lawyers for the mother of a year-old girl suing "The Tyra Show" lambasted the show's producers Tuesday as "reckless" for letting her child appear as a self-described sex addict. The girl's mother, Beverly McClendon, filed a lawsuit earlier this month in U. District Court in Atlanta, Georgia. Her suit contends the show never got valid written consent and an employment certificate, which must be obtained in Georgia before a minor can be "employed as a performer in a television production
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