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An anime about a world filled with superheroes who attend a superhero high school is definitely bound to have many different and interesting characters. While not all the characters who make an appearance in My Hero Academia are important enough to be main characters, there are some who are unique and special in their own right. Bubble Girl was introduced at the end of the third season of My Hero Academia and chapter of the manga and quickly made waves. While there is not a lot of information about Bubble Girl, what is known about her makes her all the more special. In most anime, it is not uncommon for creators to add birthdates and zodiac signs in order to further develop a character, even side ones.


Kaoruko Awata | My Hero Academia Wiki | Fandom

My Hero Academia has plenty of positive traits, but some fans do take issues with the franchise's costumes. Characters like Momo Yaoyorozu have gotten flack for the revealing costumes, and that isn't even to mention Midnight. Thanks to season four , another such costume was brought to life when Bubble Girl popped up in the anime, and one fan has taken it upon themselves to reimagine the sidekick with a more practical outfit. The artwork comes from Reddit user earlgreycakese who felt it was time Bubble Girl got an update.


As the series revolves around a superhero society, the series is able to resonate with the current zeitgeist's love and obsession with superheroes that have been accelerated with Marvel's very successful film universe. Characters have the power to destroy matter, produce sticky purple balls from their dead, and even produce explosive sweat. One of the more unique characters in the show is Bubble Girl, whose quirk is, obviously, bubble related. This article will list 10 facts you need to know about Bubble Girl.
She worked at Sir Nighteye 's hero office as a sidekick along with Centipeder , until Sir Nighteye passed away. She still works at the same office, just as one of Centipeder's the new boss sidekicks. Kaoruko is a fairly well-built young woman with a rather slim build, her skin light blue in color.