Skyrim curvy body mod

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Dragonborn always looked like a robot when standing or sitting, and have you noticed how woman walk exactly like men? It might also be nice if a secondary weapon shows on a character. New stand or sit idles are easy fixes, but dual sheathing or special body physics boob jiggle or combat require some extra steps. Here I cover how to install new bodies, with or without breast and butt physics, new animations for idles or walks, and having two sheathed weapons show up on your character. In another post I cover my choices for body replacers, skin textures, and more on making characters pretty.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-

How to Install Skyrim Body Mods, Dual Sheath, and Animations

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Body Replacers

Links below. Dimon99 and Maevan2 Female Body by Ashara https. No female body mod is complete without realistic boob jiggle physics, obviously. How do you feel about the controversial bounce. If you want prettier female bodies, you should consider this mod.
The body was sanded with 1,000- to 2,500-grit papers and polished using a three-step 3M product. Riley painted on the stripes and Grillo applied the numbers and accent decals. Butler Performance (BP) in Leoma, Tennessee, was enlisted to provide a custom-built, race-ready engine. Starting with a basic 400 block, BP sourced a forged-steel Moldex crankshaft, featuring 3-inch main journals, 2.